Diamond - April birthstone

If you are born in April, you're very lucky, because your birthstone is the precious diamond. Diamonds are considered symbols of love and fidelity. Although most diamonds have no color, pink, blue, brown, yellow, green, purple, gray, and black types of diamonds can also be found. In many cases, these colorful diamonds come from the fact that impurities are present in stones. Diamonds are actually a mineral made with carbon. They are considered to be the hardest natural substance on earth.

The name of the diamond comes from the Greek word adamas, meaning "invincible". The stones are given out as presents for the 30th and 60th wedding anniversaries. Diamonds are also used in industry. About 20% of diamonds are used for jewelry and gems. The rest have flaws that make them unacceptable for jewelry, but because of their hardness they are used as glass cutters, masonry saws, drill bits, for cutting other diamonds, and for shaping building stones.

When buying jewelry, there are three important elements to consider: cut, clarity, and carat. First, consider cut. Some types of cuts are meant to create maximum sparkle, while others are meant to create a more modern look that shows off the clarity of diamonds. Select the type of cut that most appeals to you. Next, consider clarity. Clarity refers to how free of imperfections a diamond is. Minor cracks, veins, and other impurities in the diamond affect its clarity. For the most sparkling gemstone, look for a diamond with high clarity. This will make your diamond more expensive, but also more precious and more reflective of the light. Finally, consider carat. This refers to the size of the diamond. The larger the carat, the more expensive the stone but also the larger the rock. Buy a stone that you can afford, but also select one that brings you the most pleasure. Because they are colorless, diamonds look fabulous in gold jewelry, or in platinum jewelry.

Once you purchase your diamond jewelry, be sure to store your diamonds separately. Because they are so hard, they can scratch other jewelry as well as each other. If you have purchased a valuable diamond, you may wish to insure it and store it securely to prevent theft.

The history of diamonds is a fascinating one. From ancient times, diamonds were found in deposits in India. In the late Middle Ages, diamonds had made their way to Europe. Initially, diamonds were thought to offer their owners strength in battle. They were also seen as a powerful against ghosts and magic. By the late 1600s, fake diamonds were being produced in Paris. Around 800 B.C., the first riverbed diamond were likely found.

Diamonds are associated with love, but some also claim that they can alleviate brain diseases. Traditionally, diamonds have been associated with healing of stomach upsets and with reviving memory. Many think that diamonds symbolize purity, joy, life, faith, innocence, and repentance. The fact that they represent love is one reason why diamonds are often used in engagement rings. In the past, it was believed that diamonds have a special link with their owners, and that they actually lose their shine as an owner ails, recovering as the owner recovers. In the past, some believed that diamonds were an antidote to poison or could detect poison.