Peridot - August birthstone

If you were born in August, your birthstone is a Peridot. Long considered symbolic of protection, fame, and dignity, the Peridot is a stunning green gem. Usually, it is a pale green color, although variations of yellow green, olive green, and even dark green colors are possible. The Peridot is actually a high quality olivine. The gemstone is a mineral that is found just under the crust of the earth.

The Peridot is a traditional gift for the 60th wedding anniversary. The gem has been beloved since ancient times. In the Middle Ages, this gem was worn to provide divine inspiration and foresight into the future. It was said that the stone could protect owners against evil. Egyptian kings are said to have loved Peridot jewelry and stones. In fact, some of Cleopatra's extensive emerald collection consisted of beautiful Periods. In the past, Peridots were carried around because they were believed to have healing properties for their owners. It was thought that the stone increased physical vitality as well as strength and power. Many people still believe that the stone protects against hurt feelings, nervousness, renal problems, and liver disease. Many people also believe that the stone is a powerful protective of sinuses, lungs, and wrists. Peridots are thought to have the power to make dreams become reality. Some believe that the stone can attract love as well as wealth. Others believe that the stone helps stave off anger and other negative emotions. Some people place Peridots under their pillows or wear them to bed, believing that the stones can help promote a good sleep.

If you wish to buy a Peridot, keep in mind that there are imitation Peridots which are actually synthetics. Always ask a reputable jeweler whether you are getting the genuine article. In general, you can expect to pay as much for a Peridot as you would for a garnet. Be wary of prices that are very much above or below that. You can select Peridot gems in a variety of shapes and sizes, and set in a variety of jewelry. You can find Peridots set in gold, platinum, and even silver. The gemstones are popularly used in earrings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, and rings. Choose a stone that is good quality, appealing to you, and comes from a reputable retailers. Because the stone is green, you might want to choose a shade that will fit in with most of your wardrobe. In general, Peridots wear very well with most wardrobe choices.

Much of the Peridots today are mined in Arizona. However, some of the best and largest stones come from Brazil's Minas Gerais and the Mogok mines of Mynmar. Some stones are found in China, Australia, Egypt, Pakistan, and Norway. In 1994, new stones were discovered in Pakistan, and many of these are very prized and are considered among the best Peridots ever mined. When speaking with your jeweler about your purchase, you may wish to know where your stones come from. If you are paying extra for a particularly fine stone from Pakistan, Brazil, or Mogok, get independent laboratory testing or certification to prove that the stone really came from there. You don't want to pay extra only to discover that your stone comes from somewhere else.